Why the leading bleeding edge is not for the faint at heart

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Re: Why the leading bleeding edge is not for the faint at heart

illy wrote:

i don't think i'll ever go for top spec camera model again, i'd rather get a lower end model and replace it every couple of years, ok you may miss or want some of the stuff the pro models have, but in reality the I.Q coming from the more budget conscious range is excellent, and the money you save can be used for better lenses or a nice trip somewhere.

Many users feel the same way about m43rds, with the EPL5 being a good balance of price and IQ... That is where I think camera makers are having to rethink their feature sets, pricepoints and size... I mean, I could be wrong, but I dont see Nikon releasing a D3x type camera again with the D800 sensor, mostly because I cant see many buying it... What would compel D4 owners to spend another $5000 on the D5? ISO 500,000? Maybe, but the number must be dwindling.

That is why I think the big guns are introducing lower tier FF bodies, to entice their crop sensor users to move up... However, while cheaper, they are not cheap, and while offering excellent IQ... so does the D5200... They are a bit compromised right now...

I would imagine this push to FF may give Olympus a window of opportunity at the $1300-$1500 price point if they play their cards right. The HG lenses still represent some of the best quality, flexibility and range in their pricepoint for many purposes. If we dont see any new APSC bodies this year, but we see a radically new DSLR from Olympus they may very well have a bit of a jump back into the market.

Just my thinking. And I agree, money saved for a trip is money well spent!

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