Laptop for Photography Advice... Budget $2500-$3000

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Re: Laptop for Photography Advice... Budget $2500-$3000

surve wrote:

What would you suggest for a monitor?

I have the U2412M which is (roughly) the sRGB equivalent. There are some newer models out and others can probably comment there. However, I'd suggest avoiding wide-gamut unless you really know and understand (or are willing to learn) the implications.

As far as adding the SSD, I did read that in your earlier post but, I have no idea how to do that.

First, I would make sure you get a Windows installation disk (even if you have to pay an extra $10).

It sounds like that laptop has two drive bays. In that case, order the system with one 1TB drive. Then order a 256GB SSD and install it in the second drive bay.

Reinstall Windows on the SSD and you've still got 1TB for data. Others have transferred the system to the new drive via cloning and such. But I prefer the clean install esp. on a new system since it's a chance to jettison all of the pre-installed crapware.

In my case, the laptop only had one drive bay but it did have a mSATA slot and I bought an mSATA SSD and plugged in it there.

In your case, you'd want a standard 2.5 inch form factor SSD. Something like this:

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