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Re: Enrique: Is it worth it ? --- RX1 and Clear image zoom

BertIverson wrote:

Enir4 wrote:

For the sake of me I cannot make work the "Clear image zoom" of the RX1. ...

By the way, is this feature worth it?


I have the RX100 and not the RX1 but here is my 0.02 after experimenting. For those who do not PP, CIZ is definitely worth it since it is essentially a 2X crop leaving a 5MP frame (which is up-sampled to 20MP). In some primitive tests I did, I think I convinced myself CIZ is a bit better then cropping and up-sampling in PS. However, I shoot mostly RAW so do not get to use CIZ. Actually, I do have MR2 set to JPG for MFNR shots and also have CIZ turned on.
So that is my take on CIZ.

Thanks Bert. I will have to try it tomorrow, it is night here. My experience with digital zoom so far has been a disaster, but I'm ready for a free excellent zoom.


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