Prime Shooters vs Zoom Lens Appreciators

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Re: making a mountain out of a molehill

kenw wrote:

And prime shallow DoF also allows for faster sloppier background control.

You won't get disagreement from me there!  I fall into that practice on FF myself.  It is easier to get a good shot when I only need to focus on the subject, and I can delete the distractions from the background.

No - I've always found the opposite. I'm thinking far more carefully about composition with a zoom than with a prime. And yet what you refer to above is the standard trope on photography forums.

Unless I live in a very unique place in the world, the vast majority of zoom use is thoughtless.  Many of the photographers I have chided to use primes ("Its dark, how can I get a picture without flash? What, but I have to MOVE MY BODY TO FRAME?!?") see the act of changing perspective as impediment to their photography.  Stand in place, see something interesting, zoom to frame, and shoot.  Primes imposing perspective adjustment generally has a positive affect on results - assuming users don't give up too soon.  It is much easier to do good work with zooms after learning the fundamentals of photography... but I still think most of my prime images are better than what I manage with zooms, even ten years into the game.

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