d5200 is as good as the d600!

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Absolutely true Kerry 1 stop worse high ISO than D600

I downloaded all the RAW's. I don't use JPG.

The D5200 ISO 1600 is about the same as D600 ISO 3200 as expected.

Also feel that the D600 is very slightly sharper in all ISO but that could be lens limitation as well.

The bigger pixels on the D600 is more forgiving for lens limitation.

But the quality of the toshiba sensor is very-very good, just as it should be.

If I compare it to my old D300 the difference is HUGE at least another 2 stops.

I think that if better bodies come with this sensor (D7100-D400) the appeal of FF will be a lot less.

More expensive and heavier lenses. We all know why Nikon first put this sensor in the lower end bodies.

The DX is ABSOLUTELY NOT DEAD. (and the new Sigma lenses are great so if Nikon is not willing to make lenses for DX others will, just wait for it)


Kerry Pierce wrote:

Adventsam wrote:

Probably better

I really wish that this was true, but when I look at the RAW images in the studio shot comparison, the d600 is clearly about a stop better at high ISO, than the d5200. IOW, to my eyes, ISO 3200 on the d5200 about the same as ISO 6400 on the d600. This is true at low ISO's as well. ISO 400 on the d600 looks like ISO 200 on the d5200, to me. The d600 files at ISO 200 are remarkably clean. No surprise there, really, because FX has always been better than DX at the same MPs.

At the 100% view, the d5100 files look better to me, than the d5200 files. Perhaps when the d5200 files are downsized, they'll look as good as the d5100 files, I don't know.

All things considered, I'm quite impressed with the IQ of the d5200. I think that the Toshiba sensor does a pretty remarkable job, considering the number of pixels crammed into the sensor. The low ISO photos look good, only a little less acuity than the d600 files, but a little more acuity than the d5100 files.

I don't see anything that would make me want to give up my d7000 or d5100 though. I'm rather disappointed, actually. I'd hoped that Nikon would significantly better the high ISO performance of their DX cameras. It seems clear that they have the capability to build a better performing 16mp sensor at high ISO, but they've chosen instead to go for MP's.

The bottom line, as I see it, is that this new sensor is pretty good and will make a lot of folks happy, especially those that have no need for a lot of high ISO shooting. I think it's very likely that Nikon and Toshiba will have a popular camera in the d5200.


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