35mm 1.4 noise when focusing

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Re: 35mm 1.4 noise when focusing

rattymouse wrote:

webmonkey128 wrote:

Al Downie wrote:

It's early days, but I *think* the latest firmware update for the 35mm lens fixed my chatty aperture problem...

I've got the latest firmware on the body + lens and still get this chatter from the blades when first turning on the camera and when using the DOF preview. This happens when it goes from a stopped down state and opens up in stages...tick-tick-tick-tick-tick. Is this the dancing/chatty aperture blade noise people are talking about?

Yes, that is the dancing aperture you are hearing. This is a much discussed issue with XF lenses.

I can see how this would be annoying if you like using the DOF preview button. I've mapped the FN button to ISO instead and it doesn't do it with half pressing the shutter as blades open or close in one movement.

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