question about focusing speed of the sony 135 1.8

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Re: question about focusing speed of the sony 135 1.8

alanlinde wrote:

For quite a while I've been coveting the 135 1.8 lens but I've postponed getting one at least partly because there have been rumors about a new version with SSM focusing. Yes, I know that that is illogical (to put it politely) but may I ask for information on a couple of aspects?

1. how fast/slow is the focusing of the 135 1.8 compared with say the 24-70 2.8?

2. how fast/slow is the 135 cf say the non-ssm 85 1.4?

3. if Sony were in fact to release an updated version of the lens, what times of the year are most likely for that to happen?

I'd really like to hear from those of you who have the lens and how happy or not you are in terms of focusing speed. I do understand that optically this is a really great lens and I don't question that aspect.

Thanks, Alan

Hello Alan,

I own all three lenses you're asking about.The 135 is a little slower than the 2470,but it is by no means slow.It is quite snappy in AF actually.Noisy yes,because of the lack of SSM.

The 85mm is probably the slowest of the bunch.And it is noisier in AF than the 135 because the 135 is internal focusing.

Keep in mind these observations pertain to the lenses on an A99.The screw drive on the A99 body is very snappy,so there is little penalty in terms of AF speed on either the 135 or the 85mm.

I've heard wishes from people that Sony would update the 135 and 85 zeiss' to SSM drive but nothing concrete beyond that.According to SAR,a zeiss 50mm,and version II of the 70-200f2.8 and 70400g are the only high end lenses to be released in the foreseeable future.So if Sony ever decides to update the 135 and 85,I doubt it will be anytime soon.

I would say go ahead and buy the lens now.I think it is the sharpest lens I own.You can always sell it later.Good luck in your decision.


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