D600 . AF in tungsten light

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Re: Opinions or valuable information?

I think Steve is right, but if you've had a defective product, it skews your opinion of future products. My D600 probably focused fine, but because my d7000 was off, I really scrutinized the D600. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it, but for some reason Nikon's newer AF modules and controls seem like a step in the wrong direction. The d3 system was so highly regarded that it makes you wonder what happened in 5 years...

What we are seeing is the result of a company that mistreated a fairly large group of consumers by denying the existence of any problem. People with legitimate problems were made to feel stupid, and due to Nikon's cryptic repair codes and inconsistent service, they mistrust the brand.

I think the tsunami caused some serious quality problems. Perhaps they lost a critical member of their AF team. Whatever the case, Steve is right, and a lot of these opinions are unfounded. But you don't need a photography degree to know that Nikon's poor response to valid concerns has increased the level of complaint.

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