Case of Sigma, DP3 Merrill, SPP 5.5

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Re: Case of Sigma, DP3 Merrill, SPP 5.5

Guido FORRIER wrote:

>  statue not in focus as the focus is on the back scene

This is intentional. He clearly mentioned it. Nothing to do with image quality.

i see :

- yellow/green skin tones

Skin tone is controllable.

- 2 x green/magenta blotches in hair

- can i see a magenta spot + green corners in the tarmac ? i did not expect that with a small tele lens .

For my reference, it's very kind if you can specify which images you are talking about,, and the location of blotches?

i was looking forward to come back to sigma but NO : IQ need to be more than resolution at low iso .

Fair enough. 



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