70-200 f4 VR tested on Photozone

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Re: 70-200 f4 VR tested on Photozone

I agree with jhinkey here, I bought the 70-200 f4 for it's size, image quality, and the possibility to mont it on a tripod. The f4 is practically half the size of the f2.8. That is something a 2.8 won't be! Add a phenonomal VR and a contrast an IQ that bites. The pro's who bought this at the same pro dealer I bought it from, bought it mainly for its size/weight and IQ/improved VR - to be a lightweight alternative to their existing f2.8's...

I tend not to participate in forums no more, just seeing some of the posts here prove me right.

In short: If you don't own it, don't comment it with conclusions!

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