Panasonic GH3 Made In China, Am I Being Old Fashioned To Be Disappointed ?

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Re: Mixed feelings Re:Panny GH3 Made In China,Am I Being Old Fashioned

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jkrumm wrote:

Seriously, the fit or finish of these products has nothing to do with being made in China. Those are design choices, just like it was a design choice for U.S. auto makers to build cars in the U.S. with terrible quality back in the 1980's.

My iPhone and new iMac both have what feels like tremendous quality, shipped straight from China.

Well, like I said in my original post, that's because some western brand owners keep a tighter rein on their Chinese operations.

Apple's products are made by Foxconn, which is a Taiwanese owned company that is not an Apple Chinese operation. What is key, as others said before you weighed in, is that that Panasonic insist on high quality manufacturing.

Well, certainly in terms of manufacturing I would regard Taiwan as a Western company; certainly a more modern production culture than that of mainland China.

It doesn't really matter what Panasonic insist on. Rather what matters is whether they keep a tight rein on their Chinese operation. Many a Western company have good reputations but then farm out to China, get a little complacent with keeping an eye on things, and then you get the typical sloppy manufacturing rolling off the Chineses production line.

And like I said in my original post, there was a MARKED difference in buid quality between my Made in Japan Panasonic G1 and the later model that was made in China. So I doubt Panasonic were doing much insisting on high quality manufacturing at that time; or perhaps they were insisting but not ENFORCING.

So as far as I am concerned that Made in China label is cause for concern (which may well, we'll have to wait and see, turn out to be nothing to worry about ............. hopefully).

If you want to protest stuff being made in China, I'd do so because they have crappy working conditions caused by a government that doesn't allow independent worker unions to exist, and our companies are taking advantage of that.

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John Krumm
Juneau, AK

Yes, well said. Valid point.



I would note that working conditions are improving in China because companies such as Apple and HP have put pressure on their suppliers.

Yes, indeed.

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