What's the BEST SOOC nikon dslr?

Started Feb 7, 2013 | Questions thread
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No point n shoot

Midwest wrote:

Shunda77 wrote:

Nikon cameras are not renowned for jpeg performance, it is my biggest regret in investing in a Nikon system.

I'm a Canon DSLR user and happy to be, but if someone is looking for the best possible SOOC JPG's they shouldn't be looking at a DSLR at all.

Utter nonsense. There are many APS-C sensors capable of excellent JPEG performance.

If they don't want to shoot RAW and they don't want to post process then a DSLR will be a waste of their money.

They should be looking at one of the many more sophisticated point and shoot cameras instead.

Oh really?

Is this a joke?

Tell me, how do you shoot high ISO with a point n shoot? (and don't tell me some can, even the best are no where near even the lowest cost DSLR in high ISO performance)

How do you achieve subject isolation that is even a match for the kit lenses with a DSLR? even the fastest current superzooms are struggling to match the slowest DSLR tele lenses for subject isolation (and that is at ridiculously long focal lengths).

Dynamic range?

A DSLR with a good jpeg engine will blow any point and shoot away for image quality.

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