Golden Gate Bridge C&C please

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Re: Golden Gate Bridge C&C please

Hi Davey.  Well, the longer I look at it, the less good it looks.  At first glance, I like the view and lighting, but my eye is drawn to the unpleasant foreground.  So, I start thinking of a square crop (crop out bottom).

Then I notice dust bunnies in the sky which can be cleaned up in post-processing.

Lastly, I notice strange coloring and ghosting in the water, near the rocks and on the beach.  So I look at the aperture, shutter speed and ISO (5s, f22 and 100). That's too slow, too narrow and maybe too low.

So, I'd definitely go back at the same time of day but jump the fence/locate myself on the beach with a wider angle lens and use f8 or so, at a reasonable shutter speed and more ISO as necessary.

There's a great shot there, but it'll take a bit more work. But, I know how hard it is to "pull it off" when traveling or on a trip.

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