Olympus' Toshi Terada discusses the future of Four Thirds and compacts

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Re: Four Thirds upgrade cycles

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it's not that the E-5 will be replaced by something, i can't see it being a Dslr or more than 1 line up of Dslrs(which means i am totally wrong for saying it)I honestly thought that a mirrorless camera would be released after an E-7 that would AF all lenses equally, but maybe they will skip the E-7 and introduce a new type of camera for 4/3rds users

If you read the interview (I assume you can't have done so) you would have noted:

Building on the promise Olympus has made about continuing to support Four Thirds users, Terada suggests the wait may nearly be over: 'Direction-wise, we'd like to produce products for Four Thirds and Micro Four Thirds within this year. Because we have to provide a product for users with SHG and HG lenses. And there are people using E400, 500 and 600-series DSLRs, we have to provide products for them to keep enjoying their photography.'


Now, that does seem to indicate that Olympus have decided that there is a significant market still out there of E-xxx / E-xx owners wishing to upgrade. Apparently, this group have not been lured to Micro FT -- or left for Canon / Nikon / Pentax / Sony.

I am sure that they would produce a 'PDAF adapter' if such was possible (I doubt it is, BTW, simply due to physical constraints of the Micro FT mount depth -- then there is the issue of how you feed AF data back to the Micro FT body: you can't unless Micro FT was designed to do so), but perhaps they have realised that the problem is not resolvable any time soon. This does not preclude them using an EVF (replacing the PDAF array with a small sensor should work adequately for both PDAF and to feed an EVF) or some sort of hybrid VF design in a standard FT body.

Really, we do not know what directions Olympus may go in. The E-330 had that 'pointless' live-view implementation, remember. The E-620 appeared out of nowhere and had several unlikely improvements over the E-520 / E-420. The only certainty is that Olympus do intend on keeping their promise about providing a body that ensures full capability of standard FT lenses -- at least for now.

The 'rumoured' f/2.8 zooms may indicate an intention to shift the high-end product line to Micro FT. Until we see credible replacements for the SHG lens line (and a stop slower could be acceptable, if they are making that deliberate compromise to undercut prices of f/2.8 zooms on larger systems) I believe that they have little option but to keep producing the E-x line, as a minimum.

Possibly, they may see sense in cranking the full standard FT system back up. It all depends on whether they believe they can get more market share and make a profit (or at least avoid a loss). Oh, and don't start up about Olympus camera division being unprofitable unless you have a breakdown to show that they were losing in the DSLR / ILC segment, and not their second-rate 'me too' point and shoot segment.

it seems to me that the all the research these days is going towards m4/3rds to expand and fill out the line up, but leaving the market for nearly 3 years devoid of new products or any real clear intent is not the best base for a line of new cameras. I think they would be better just going into mirrorless 100% as Panasonic have done, at least they'll be ahead of the game when other companies face the same decision.

It seems to me that Olympus have put great effort into µFT development to get a head start in that area and to return the camera division to profit.

The statement by Mr Terada officially affirms the company's commitment to both platforms, indicating that the wait for new 4/3rds bodies is nearly over.

"The long wait for the next generation of cameras for Four Thirds may soon be over, suggests Olympus' Toshi Terada, Manager, Product Planning SLR products."

This statement is in rather stark contrast to that made by you, highlighted above. It would appear that your statement is simply not what has been occurring.

Others here on this thread who are subject to NDAs have stated that they were very happy with what they have seen. Does this in any way support your statement highlighted above? I think not.

So let me put it this way, look at the releases in m4/3rds the last 3 years and compare it with the 4/3rds line up in the same time frame, hints and suggestions have been made publicly but nothing concrete has yet happened, i do expect a new product to be used with 4/3rds lenses as i have said many times, but i doubt it will be a traditional Dslr like the old E series, they've left that whole range in the wilderness with only a single new product in the last 3 years, a healthy product line it is not, no matter how good it is

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