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Re: re: vignetting with rather unusual UWA

jpr2 wrote:

OK, as winter evenings are loooong, and thus conductive to some heavy bouts of testing, I've decided to check how bad would be vignetting of EF-S (which is 1.6x crop lens) on N7 through SB, but first anyone attempting to mount EF-S lens on SB will need to remove a small plastic baffle limiter - just zoom the lens to 22mm, and then delicately insert your thumb next to contacts, and carefully pull out the baffle:

Obviously we'd expect any 1.6x crop lens to be pretty much inadequate on SB as it was designed to "reduce" only FF lenses. However, it seems to be not so simple. For comparison purposes some shots taken on SB with the FF Sigma 17-35/2.8-4 APO zoom set I-st at 17mm (showing as 11.9mm through SB in EXIF), and then at 24mm (showing as 17mm through SB):

some samples taken on N7 with the EF-S 10-22 and Sigma 17-35 through Speed Booster

Surprisingly, except with setting EF-S at 10mm (top-left) which indeed shows image circle resembling more the ones from fish-eye, starting from 12mm (8.5mm in EXIFs through SB) image circle is wide enough to cover all corners, although of course vignette is there as expected .

But if we compare shots taken at 11.9mm from EF-S 10-22, and from Sigma 17-35, the FF lens shows actually more vignette than the 1.6x crop lens !!


Very interesting work!  Did you have to remove the rear baffle of your 10-22 EFS lens in order to  mount the Speed Booster, or did you only do that to reduce the vignetting?

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