Is shooting in DX mode on D800 same as 1.5x cropping on Photoshop?

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Re: Is shooting in DX mode on D800 same as 1.5x cropping on Photoshop?

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Are there any differences in image quality in terms of sharpness, noise etc between shooting on DX mode on a D800 and cropping a full frame image to the same 1.5x image area? Any samples comparison photos ?

I could be wrong: The difference is Depth of field. In the crop mode the crop ratio time focal length is greater than FX, and focal length affects DOF. Please correct me.

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This is very confusing to people. With the same lens and same distance to the subject, there is no DoF. Using DX mode is exactly the same as cropping the FX image.

DoF depends on the distance to the subject (assuming you focus on the subject) and aperture only. The common idea that DoF is less with DX means that if you move CLOSER to fill the frame with the same image area, the DoF will be different. But the perspective will be different as well.

One possible difference that nobody has mentioned is that the D800 MAY meter differently in DX crop mode vs. FX mode. I'm not sure about that. But that wouldn't affect DoF, perspective, etc., as long as you use the same lens from the same position.


I just did a quick experiment and Doug is correct. The scene I was pointing my D800 with 70-200 VRI registered a shutter of 125, iso 5000 at f2.8 in DX and in FX, shutter was 100, iso 4500 at f2.8.

I'm actually quite surprised at that. It certainly makes sense, but I'm a little surprised that Nikon implements that subtle difference. Thanks for testing this hypothesis!

I'm not surprised at all. With Matrix or Center-weighted Metering, assuming the focal length is the same, the framing of the scene would be different and therefore the scene you are metering might well require a different exposure.

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