d5200 is as good as the d600!

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Re: you may be right

Kerry Pierce wrote:

Mannypr wrote:

For marketing reasons maybe Nikon is getting into the megapixel race instead of concentrating into designing a better performing 16 MP sensor .

That is certainly possible, indeed probable, IMO. The MP race has been alive and well for quite a while. I am not convinced that the average d5200 user really needs 24mp, instead of excellent high ISO performance. Imagine having a 16mp DX sensor that actually does perform almost as well as the d600 at any ISO level.

Its called the d5200

Ideally, you would have both MP's and high ISO performance, but I don't believe that is possible with current technology.

Canon did the same thing some time back and seems to have backed off some .

I was very encouraged by their apparent position, hoping that Nikon would also back off on the MP race, but apparently that's just wishful thinking on my part. Well, we'll just have to wait and see what the next generation of Nikons will have to offer. Maybe the d7100 and d400 will not be a part of the MP race. Time will tell.

oh woe is you Kerry?


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