New Epson r3000 prints darker than old Epson 4000

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Re: New Epson r3000 prints darker than old Epson 4000

Leon V wrote:

My solution to same problem.

I too have prints from my R3000 that are darker than those viewed on my calibrated NEC 2690 monitor. My monitor intensity (brightness) is set to 80 cd/m², and cannot be set any lower.

So my solution, when I use Photoshop, is to put a Brightness/Contrast adjustment layer at the top of the layer stack. When I am working on a photo or illustration, I have this adjustment layer turned off. When I print this image, I turn this Brightness/Contrast adjustment layer on before printing. I found by printing a test image at several brightness levels, that a brightness of +50% makes the printed image match the image on the monitor when the adjustment layer is turned off.

For printing, I make the image brighter on the monitor than what I want, then the R3000 gives me a print that I want.

Leon Feigenbutz

Sure but that is a workaround that should not be required when the whole system os working properly.

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