Proposing a simple shorthand for writing "35mm equivalent field of view"

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Re: Trig is harder than similiar triangles...

hjulenissen wrote:

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

Focal length is a lot easier, either for the casual users or the "phycisists" [sic] because it's not a trigonometric relationship, no one has to work math to deal with it. Similar triangles has worked for a century and a half of photography.

Most people who use cameras today do not employ math. Why would they have to if their lense was a "x-to-y degrees" lens instead of a "X-to-Y mm" lens?

It will also upset marketing people, because the bigger, more expensive lens gets the smaller number.

I do not care much about marketing peoples opinion. Are you saying that it is hard to sell wide-angles because they are "10-20mm" instead of "17-50mm"?

It will upset most interchangeable lens camera users, because Canon, Nikon, and Sony all make cameras in both APS and FF, and that means you need two degrees scales on a zoom.

Since they have gotten rid of some other scales, it seems that they have room for this. Luckily (?) degrees are the same all over world (I hope there is no such thing as "metric" degrees?)

It's so simple that anyone who can actually manage to spell lens can do it.

In my native tongue, it is actually spelled "objektiv". "Linse" means a single piece of glass.


They have: 400 gon (or grad) = 360 degrees.

The military use mils. In Australia, it is 6400 mils = 360 degrees.  I think it's the same in NATO and in the US. But the Russians are different: 6000 mils = 360 degrees.


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