How Much Do You Enjoy the 7-14?

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Re: How Much Do You Enjoy the 7-14?

I just bought this and an 8mm fisheye this week.
I have the 11-22 and the 12-60 and the 14-35 and the leica 14-50 and the Voigtlander 17.5.
The 8mm and the 7-14 are a lot different to shoot with than the 11-22 or 12-60, but are great fun.

I've only tried them for a short while so far, but both aren't going anywhere for a long time I think. They add a new dimension to ultra wide angle.

As for the price, I thing a great deal would be $800 to $900 for a nice one. The 7-14 is dropping in price due to the panasonic 7-14 I think.
I managed to get the 8mm and the 7-14mm, slightly used but esentially brand new in boxes, together for $1250 Canadian locally, which I am pretty happy about.

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