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Re: One more for someone else!

KL Matt wrote:

Yeah, I've finally got my dream team lined up for Pentax:

K5 Plus:

Small, light, two lens kit: DA 15 plus FA 43

Three lens kit: DA 15, FA 31, FA 77

And now Samsung comes in with smaller, lighter bodies and lenses with comparable sensors. The sensor size to compactness/lightness ratio is simply much better with the NX system. So my question is: can I replace my two-lens kit above with an NXx00 plus the 16 f/2.4 and maybe the 30? Can the 30 rival the FA 31 for image quality? (I don't have the Samsung 30 f/2 yet, so that day of reckoning is yet to come.

What I can report is that the Samsung 16mm f/2.4 is very much the equal (if not the better lens in some aspects) of the DA 15. The results are similar enough to say it's a wash, with the 16mm having f/2.4 as a very very useful bonus. I'm imagining that nothing at all beats the FA31. This lens alone is a reason to stay with Pentax when everything else tells me to switch. I don't know what I could replace that one with.

I'm thinking the Samsung 85 might be superior to the FA77 from what I've seen, so that is definitely an option. It's just... I'm having a hard time accepting that these gorgeous metal bodies and lenses are simply bulkier and heavier and don't perform any better than the plastic gear from Samsung. I dunno. My NX has issues, it eats batteries when it's turned off. So there's a quality issue on the first body already, and I have never had any issues with Pentax, other than autofocus, of course, but that's endemic to the system (on the other hand, a reason to switch).

I'm torn. I want a full frame camera badly as well, but not some huge brick like a 5d. Hoping for years that Pentax will do it - the FA Limiteds plus an ultra-wide-angle f/2.8 zoom designed by Tokina... or a relaunched DA* 24 f/2... ahhh that would be worth sacrificing NX-style compactness for. But they'd have to bring their flash system into the 21st century. It looks like Ricoh has realized that as well. Nice we're finally getting digital choices that are taking advantage of what the optics can do. Once we get a truly compact full frame with excellent dynamic range, we'll finally have come full circle and be getting everything we got from film SLRs. Been a long wait.

Matt, I took a look at what's available in the MILC world and came away liking the Fujifilm X-E1 so much that I bought one from the Amazon Warehouse ($1200 with kit zoom)in like-new condition). The IQ (color/sharpness/rendering) of its OOC JPEGs is the best I've ever seen; the camera is relatively light and compact, but not too much so for my largish hands, the 2.3 MPX EVF is big and bright, and I like its retro styling. At present I have only the kit 18-55 zoom (an outstanding lens) but I'll soon have the 18/2, 35/1.4, and 60/f2.5 portrait/macro primes as well as adapters to allow me to use my Leica and Contax G lenses. I already have adapters to use all of my Pentax and Fujica SLR lenses on the M adapter.

It's more expensive than Samsung and Sony, but I think that the combination of IQ, design/size/handling, and ability to use ALL my legacy glass makes this the right choice for me.

Did I mention the remarkable IQ?

PS - I'll still get the Amazon deal yellow K-01 with DA40xs if Amazon ever comes through on their backorder, but that will be for my wife to use...

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