Sony SLT A77 & RRS L Bracket

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Re: Sony SLT A77 & RRS L Bracket

I dug up an older Minolta cable release that exits toward the rear of the camera body which is 180* opposite current cable configurations that exit toward the front. I bought that older release at about the time I had a KM A2 and am not sure if I bought it for that camera. Any way, it works just fine on my A77.
There is a much greater opening between the camera body and the underside of the L bracket at the rear than there is in the front. I shaved the rubber molding wire encasement down horizontally to a minimum thickness so it can flex and bend under the L bracket. The port access flap has to be folded back to the outside of the L bracket. I don't like that because it is under pressure that likely will eventually break the hinge of the flap. I may end up grinding off a bit of an angle from the L for better clearance there. I will suggest to RRS that more room be given for that flap in future designs.

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