Need Advice. OMD EM5 or X-E1 as FIRST SERIOUS CAMERA to learn Photography?

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The issue is LEARNING about photography.

Sure most cameras will give OK to excellent shots and exposure. The OP wants to learn. On cameras with lots of modes and options and ways to set up controls, it is difficult for newbies to understand just what is resulting in what. Understanding shutter speed/F stop/iso/focus and the relationships between these are foundations of photography. For a beginner who is serious about where they want to go with photography, I'd suggest that they really get a grasp of these functions first until they are quite intuitive. Once that is under the belt they will understand a bit about what the various modes and programmable controls are really doing. I don't for example (and I taught photography) want them having things like IBIS at this stage, I want them to have a good knowledge of the limits of shutter speed and iso and hand held so they know what IBIS is doing when they move up to cameras that have features like this. The they will know a bit more about when to turn IBIS on or off and begin to be able to assess the advantages of one system over another for their particular use.

For a beginner who wants to advance, I'd get a second hand simple dslr (cheap) with large dedicated controls. I'd want A, S and M modes, Auto mode and not much more after that.

But I would want a course or tutor that took me in a planned way through the steps of mastering these functions. When I taught in high schools we began by making and usiing pin hole cameras.

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