Zeiss 24mm vs Contax G 28mm

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sean lancaster
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Re: Zeiss 24mm vs Contax G 28mm

thd12 wrote:

Sorry, sadly the 24mm e-mount zeiss is about 4 times more expensive You can find the Contax G for less than 300eur on ebay, the 24mm zeiss is 1050 eur. This is a huge difference witch i believe covers the lack of warranty.

Can you bot buy the Zeiss 24 used then (a few in the $700s and most in the lower $800s)? I am not sure why you are asking for feedback if you've already made up your mind about things . . . and you seem to note that the price has made up your mind for you and that you don't care about AF. So, enjoy the Contax G 28. I am sure it's a very good lens. I tried the Sigma 30/2.8 as a replacement for the Zeiss 24 and the f/2.8 was a non starter for me as I didn't find it acceptable in lower light and that's the problem I'd have with the Contax G for evening streets scenes.

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