Thoughts on my Feb 2013 D800 purchase SN #3052XXX

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Re: Thoughts on my Feb 2013 D800 purchase SN #3052XXX

Question for the OP;

Why is it possible to see one side of the bottle in one shot, then see the bottle centered in the next, and then see the other side of the bottle in the third? Did you change the angle of the camera when doing this? If so, this is not a good test and what you are seeing may very well be just the difference between center focus and edge focus with your lens. Or did you repostion the bottle for each shot so that it fell behind each of the 3 focus points? This too is no good because you are comparing what the lens can do at its center against what it does at the edges.

What you need to do is have your camera positioned the same for all 3 shots. Do not move it. The only thing that should be different is the focus points that you select in the camera. Your entire subject should be on ONE plane. In the final results do NOT judge anything by looking at what is at the edges and compare that to what is in the center. Just compare all 3 images by looking at the center portion. If all 3 focus points in the camera are correct the center of the frame should be sharp in all 3 images. If you look at the subject matter to the edge that was in line with the edge focus points, they may very well appear less sharp than the center because your lens will most likely not be as sharp to the edges as it is in the center.

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