Why the leading bleeding edge is not for the faint at heart

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Why the leading bleeding edge is not for the faint at heart

With DPR posting up the D5200 image samples my thoughts again went down the path of image quality, technology and the like.

Looking at the D5200, and I dont know its pricing, but lets say $1000 with lens, it has IQ that is so very similar to the D3x which a few years ago was being sold for $8000... one can apply the same thinking to those who just bought say  Pentax 645 (I was considering one) vs the D800e... Technology is moving so fast right now, that unless a photographer needs the improvements in IQ it seems staying a couple of steps behind the curve works quite well.

As it stands today, the OMD sensor makes for a very competitive product at a $1000 body pricepoint, being weathersealed with a lot of innovative features such as the 5-axis IBIS which is very effective both for video and stills. When one compared it to say the D5200 it holds its own, and when one compares it to the D3x, D3 etc, it compares well while sitting just behind (ISO for ISO).

More and more I have been thinking about the next body that uses the 43rds glass, if we can get the OMD sensor, tweaked for slightly better performance in a DSLR body I honestly cant see myself upgrading for quite some time... Now I know, I know there are people out there who say "yes but you always say that)... But seriously, look at how far cameras have come. The D3, D3s and D4 have been incremental improvements in IQ (specifically for high ISO) while most additions have been to features such as video, connectivity etc.

The D3x to the D800 IQ improvements centre around low iso resolution and I am sure many D3x owners feel they could upsize and save themselves $3000...

So where does that leave my thinking for the next professional body, I feel we have gained so much across the board in simple IQ, high ISO etc. combined with the fast lenses available for most systems there are fewer and fewer environments where modern cameras cant produce results.

Olympus will probably do what many others have done, their next flagship will follow suit. It will be a little cheaper, with slightly improved IQ, a bit smaller and contain a lot of new features probably geared towards AF, Framerate, Video and connectivity.

If that is the case, and I strongly see it that way, then this next body will keep me very happy through a lot of creative growth for stills with my HG lenses, but also for Video.


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