S100 or RX100

Started Feb 6, 2013 | Discussions thread
Dimitri Khoz Contributing Member • Posts: 943
Re: S100 is my "take my picture" camera for drunk friends, the RX100 is mine

photo perzon wrote:

I don't want to hand my $ 700 + $ 100 coverage RX100 to drunk friends. So I give them my Amazon $ 250 S100.

Now I must say the S100 in decent indoor light does just fine. The heavier RX100 has been passed a couple of times. And the Leica X1 can't seem to leave the house.

Very well said.

S100 is just fine for OP's indoors needs, especially for Facebook postings and small prints.

And outdoors it will give more correct and warmer colors than Sony straight from the JPEGs.

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