Going from D800 to D3s..... Am I Crazy??

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Re: Going from D800 to D3s..... Am I Crazy??

Keith Aitken wrote:

Not crazy

Realise that there could be cash challenges and weight-carrying challenges, but I would pick up a D3s and keep the D800.

Different tools - different jobs

good luck !


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Ideally that would be the best option, imho.  I had a D800 on order when it first came out, while thinking I might sell my D3s.  But I realized I just can't part with it.  And monetarily having both wasn't really feasible at the time so I cancelled the D800 (I had bought the D3s new at over 5k USD.) I think the D3s was/is the best DSLR camera Nikon has ever produced and it's not just about high ISO.  I've used it in incredibly difficult environmental conditions and it keeps on going with no hesitation.  It's an all around work horse (and hopefully the same can be said of the D4.)

Instead I picked up a D600 as a high pixel count camera (for studio still life work.)  A D600 is a good complement to the D3s and at less cost than a D800.  And for me it has the perfect size pixel count (24MP is plenty for printing.) The OP could also consider waiting for the D4x which will probably be 24MP and with the build quality of the D3s/D4 (and hopefully with two card slots of the same card protocol.)

In the meantime I'd personally go for a D3s if the choice was between only a D800 and D3s. And large prints from a D3s are still quite good either with inkjet or analog RA prints.  And with small images on computer monitors it's never a big issue despite what camera is used and the image's content will (should) override any of the current pixel peeping madness. We all know that historically some of the world's greatest images have been made on much lesser cameras/optics than with what's available today.  I think we're all falling into way too much of a technical and gearhead black hole these days.

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