Embarrassing it is ...

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Re: Embarrassing it is ...

Trial and error is the way to go!  Or you can get a flash meter, but most people don't bother anymore.

I was just assisting on a car shoot for Chrysler yesterday.  The method for determining exposure is as follows...

Aim the light at the car.  Set the power to "around half way."  Take a photo.  Look at the screen.  If the photog shouts "turn it up a little,"  we add about half a stop.  If he says "turn it up a lot," we add a whole stop.  Rinse and repeat.

This is a professional photographer making well into the 6-figures a year, shooting for a major international car brand.  At the highest levels of photography, this is often how it works.

Of course after time you start to get a sense of good places to start.  This is why we were starting with half power.  But I work with a lot of VERY successful photographers, and other than the few who still ask for precise light readings using meters, this is general how it is done these days.

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