How Much Do You Enjoy the 7-14?

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Re: How Much Do You Enjoy the 7-14?

IanDavis wrote:

So I told myself that I don't need to purchase any new lenses. I love to shoot with the 14-35 and 12-60 at their widest. I see a good price for a refurbished 7-14 and of course I'm willing to do what I said I wouldn't (although this would put me at the Zuiko holy trinity). Users of this lens, I would love to hear your candid thoughts.

Especially at 7mm it gives a truly unique view and perspective--literally nothing else like it in my experience. It's decently sharp at f/4, especially in the center, and very sharp by f/5.6-8. It works equally well on E-series bodies and the E-M5, where focus lock is a little slow but honestly, how hard is it to focus a UWA lens?

Attracts rain and flare like gangbusters, so you need a plan to deal with those issues. I definitely recommend a body with articulated display and levels--these are critical for lacetop and overhead shooting, as well as aligning horizons and keeping vertical planes parallel.

Because it works well on µ4/3 (if rather massive) I won't consider letting mine go, no matter what.



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