NEW FZ150 - zoom judder?

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NEW FZ150 - zoom judder?

Hey everyone!  Finally purchased an FZ150 after much deliberation and in the 2 weeks I've had it very happy with photo ability!  So much to learn but having a blast in the process

Ok - now the other reason I purchased the FZ150 was it's great video!  But I am now in possession of my 2nd FZ150 after returning the original due to a zoom issue:

When retracting the zoom (Tripod/hard surface/handheld) it would judder or bounce the image just before coming to rest and sometimes shake or vibrate the image when extending the zoom again - the issue was not consistent but when it happened it was almost always at the same place in the zoom range...

2nd camera seems to have the same kind of issue at different places in the zoom (not sure but so far looks to even have a swaying effect during zoom also... if so that's even worse agh!)

So... anyone else had this?  Should I expect it? (this is my first camera with anywhere near this amount of zoom)

I would talk to the place I purchased it but they are already a bit miffed with me for insisting they pay for return of original faulty camera...

Basically I need to know if it's a 'hmm that's not right - get it sorted' or 'don't worry it's commonplace - you'll get used to it'

example vids:

Hard surface (1st FZ150):

Handheld (1st FZ150):

Tripod (2nd FZ150):

It's worth noting I was being incredibly careful NOT to wobble of move the cameras during these tests - need to do some better tests with the replacement FZ150 but want to get some feedback from those with a lot more experience around these (and similar) cameras than myself!

Thanks in advance!

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ150
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