7D upgrade or stick with 60D?

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victorian squid
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Re: 7D upgrade or stick with 60D?

You could always take advantage of Costco's generous return policy to start over.

I too had every intention of getting the 7D, but after really, really looking at what I did as far as shooting got a 60D - knowing I could always return it. In fact, I had pretty much assumed that's what I was going to do.

Never did. I love it, and don't for a second miss the extra speed the 7D offers, just because that's really not how I usually shoot. And oddly, I've gotten some pretty darned good "fast" shots with the 60D. I've never needed all the extra AF points, nor the all metal build (plastic can take a bruising without denting or scraping). The one thing I would like would be the pitch detection. One thing I thought I wouldn't like I do - the articulated screen. Now it'd be hard to give up.

Instead, I've invested in glass and speedlites and triggers and things that really further my photography. Buying that Ferrari doesn't help any if you're stuck on an island!

My next upgrade will probably be to full frame, as even a 7D mkII doesn't offer me anything I'd be looking for. A 6D does. But, that's what's so wonderful about all the offerings out there, because a lot of folks need the 7D, and some even need both! Or, at least think they do.

In the end, you're the only one who knows if you're going to take full advantage of all the 7D has to offer - which is a lot. Or, would you be better served by investing in good, fast glass and taking advantage of the artistic possibilities of DOF or available light? Or maybe a couple of speedlites and triggers and doing amazing portraiture and lighting? And a really nice tripod?

Of course, if money is no object then this is all moot - go crazy!
Personally, I have other hobbies to feed (although this one turned out to be business related), so I watch the nickels and dimes regardless.

Food for thought - happy hunting.

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