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malch wrote:

wrx_sti wrote:

People get busy with life (kids etc), and most folks do not religiously back up their systems. A RAID0 or RAID5 setup can be seen as a constant short-term backup. It can mean that you don't lose the photos you just took yesterday or 4 hours ago.


Repeat after me: RAID is not backup. RAID is not backup!

RAID can provide some protection against drive failure. In most cases, it provides no protection against accidental deletions, data loss due to malware etc.

Drive failure is exceedingly rare these days, unless of course you have racks full of hundreds of spinners in which case RAID is highly appropriate.

From a philosophical point of view RAID is not backup, but from a practical point of view, it effectively performs a constant backup function. Sure, you don't get the ability to backtrack, but for most people, they are doing backups mostly to protect against disk failures (and revision control tools are better at the backtracking function anyway). For most people, their backup is infact a low frequency and high latency RAID0.

I am not saying that RAID absolves you of the need to perform proper backups, but it can be a short term life saver and in most practical applications it will allow you to save recent data, i.e. you'll recover the data that would have otherwise been lost since your last backup.

I think you're getting a bit too hung up on semantics. So repeat after me "RAID is great at augmenting backup"

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