Tethering D800 disables remote shutter trip?

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Re: Tethering D800 disables remote shutter trip?

SuisseNikon wrote:

Hi- I remote trigger my D800 shutter with Pocketwizard TT5's..... This works perfectly except when I tether the D800 via USB to my laptop. The tethering seems to take complete control of the shutter release. Any suggestions? I tried it with "Controlmynikon" and lightroom, no luck in either case.

Oh man I dealt with this for a while, although I cannot completely remember the intricacies of the situation.  Let me try my best...

First of all, there is a way to use pocket wizards while tethered to trigger your camera.  If I remember correctly, the issue you are having stems from using the triggers in TTL mode.  You have to switch the PW's to simple trigger mode, and there may possibly be another step.

There is something about the camera meter being forced to a constant "on" mode when the camera is tethered that messes with the TTL stuff.  The end result of this is that you cannot use TTL channels and tether at the same time.  But you can use normal channels (I do it with my PW Plus III's, which I ended up switching to after this whole fiasko).

I know I'm not being very clear here, but it was over a year ago that I dealt with this whole situation, and I simply can't remember the entire complicated explanation.  What you need to do is call Pocket Wizard - they are the ones who explained all of this to me and who helped me figure this out.  You may have to talk to one of their engineers, I remember I had to get escalated pretty far up in their help department to find out exactly what was going on.

Good luck.

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