Finally finished my G15 review

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Re: Finally finished my G15 review

ryan2007 wrote:

I still have my Canon G7 & G12. My main camera is micro four thirds. For sake of physical size and cost you can get the Panasonic GX-1 rangefinder with the 14-14 which is $30 less than the G15.

The size and feature set with the expansion ability of micro four thirds is neat. Its DSLR quality in a smaller package.

I still use my G12 on occasion if I need something quick, but it gets less and less used. At the point I switched from a Nikon DSLR, micro four thirds was pretty new about four years now.

Maybe I should look to sell the p&s ASAP, it can start to turn into a collection like one may have of old cell phones as you keep upgrading every so often.

G15 is $450 and the GX-1 with the equivalent 28-80 is $419 sure the lens range is different, but it is a bigger sensor.

Just an FYI since some of this may start to blend together when making a decision for the same money.

Olympus is also a micro four thirds option, but I happen to be a Panasonic user for that and still like the Canon p&s.

Price and sensor size aren't always pro's.

I don't know if you are just thinking aloud or trying to convince me about m4/3 but I've run that route and prefer a large DSLR system and small compact to a m4/3 system. So no selling me on m4/3 I'm afraid.

Plus I find the G15 pretty much gives me the output of m4/3 in every day shooting, the different practically is near nil to me.


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