1d mark iv instead of a 5d mark iii

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Re: 1DIII + 5DII to 1DIV

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I resurrected this rather than starting a new thread. I'm considering downsizing to one body, a 1D IV instead of my 1DIII and 5DII. Of course, I have a 50D hanging around if needed.

My reasoning is that I love the 1DIII and find it useful for landscapes with the 17-40 and great for everything else. But the 10MP is a bit limiting for cropping purposes.

I figure I could just about trade the 1DIII, which I bought used and the 5DII, which I bought new less than a year ago and has under 4K actuations for a nice 1DIV.

Why not the 5DIII ? For landscapes it provides a wider fov than the 1D4, and 22mp to crop from.

Although I have not priced them recently, I believe there's not a lot of difference in price between a used 1D4 and new 5DIII. And the new 5DIII comes with a warranty.

That's a really good question. I do occasionally shoot action sports and the 10 FPS is nice.

To be honest, I'm not up on the 5DIII and some of it's features. I like the option of more than 3 bracketed exposures. I like the built in view finder cover.

But you've given me something to think about. Thanks.

Upon further reflection, and some time looking at comparison studio shots on dpreview and imaging-resource, I've put off the idea and decided to keep the pair I have.

Realistically, they're both great cameras and the trouble to buy and sell probably wouldn't be worth it. But, I could change my mind again in a week or so.

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