rx100 the one to beat?

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Re: Well, the S90 is the smallest

2eyesee wrote:

technic wrote:

I agree that the center area always looks very clean compared to other quality compacts with smaller sensor, but the borders/corners is sometimes another story.

I keep hearing people referring to the RX100's 'soft corners' almost like it's anything just off the centre area.

When I first investigated this on my RX100 and looked at 100% crops I was initially disappointed as it was soft in the corners. But then I zoomed out and realised the area I was inspecting was 100% of a 20 MP image, and it was only the tiniest part of the extreme corners that was affected.

Downsized to any normal printing size and it won't even be noticeable. I've never printed anything larger than 8x12", which is only around an 8MP image at 300dpi (and of course if need to you crop at all there go the corners anyway).

So my conclusion is that the RX100's corner softness is only really a concern when you are pixel peeping and does not have any practical impact on my photos.

I agree that this issue has been talked about a lot and while I do understand people who object, it is what it is, i.e. not that bad really. I wouldn't call it anything "nasty" as Technic does. I'd like it to be perfect too, but it's a small lens that has to talk to a large sensor (for the camera size) and retract into this small body. So it has more barrel distortion than other lenses with lower aspirations and so when the distortion is corrected in-camera, the corners are streched a bit more than other cameras.

Here's a typical example at wide-angle to give people an idea of how bad it can be.

I have not found this to be a problem in general. I understand why this camera behaves the way it does. Because it gives me incredible IQ/size-pocketability ratio most of the times. It's not perfect but I accept the compromise.

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