rx100 the one to beat?

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Re: Well, the S90 is the smallest

I can provide you with one (RAW file) I've been trying myself to optimize as an exercise, see what you can come up with, if you wish. Base ISO, f/5.6, shutter speed 1/200 sec. Room for highlight and shadows recovery as well, trees, ornate buildings and people included in the price!

I haven't really managed to get anything noticeably better than the equally post-processed OOC jpeg, so I'd be curious to see what a more experienced user can do. Let me know...

Sounds good, though I`d use a wider aperture than F5.6 which will be softer due to diffraction, I`d suspect the sensor/lens is at its sharpest around F2.8 .. if you can upload a RAW to Yousendit (free large file sharing site) , I`ll gladly have a go with Fast-stone which is FRE but gives the image as is, no fancy NR or anything . after seeing what I got from the PBlog samples, I`m sure that even Fast stone will recover loads of fine detail which the JPG engine is smothering .

Here`s a crop from one of the smaller aperture samples from PBlog (F2.8 should be sharper) - Faststone has left the whites blown to hell for some reason but look at the fine detail even in this .

100% Crop . note the grass detail even from this conversion

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