When the X-Pro2?

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Re: When the X-Pro2?

Charlesn wrote:

Minor upgrade? MINOR??!!

All new sensor? Check.

All new AF system? Check.

All new MF system? Check.

All new processing engine? Check.

Vastly improved video capability? Check.


In fact, about the only two things that didn't undergo a total overhaul are the two things that didn't need fixing at all: body style and lens.

I agree, it's not a minor upgrade.

But on the other hand both the body and the lens could have benefited from an upgrade.

The body's ergonomically challenged. A far from exhaustive list of things that could be improved could include : a better shutter speed dial placement, to make it very easy to operate either with the thumb or the index (right now it seems it's placed as if Fuji couldn't decide which finger they wanted this dial to be operated with - as an example of a better placement, look at a Leica M), sunken exposure dial, better grip, possibly a thumb rest (although not like the X-pro 1, it's pretty poor), better buttons all round with a better, more positive feeling (closer to the X-pro 1), replacing the back wheel / selector pad (not just raising the centre button), a MF ring à la Olympus 12 and 17mm or Fuji 14mm lens, with a distance scale (that would probably make it slightly bigger, fine to me, but I could understand why that may pose a problem for some), a better MF/AF switch (at least like on the X-pro 1, ie a rotary switch, not one in a straight line - gives a much better "point of reference", to know where you've set it at, especially crucial for a switch at the front you can't see), getting rid of the buttons at the left of the screen and putting them at the right, so that you can change AE mode and drive mode while shooting through the VF, etc. This is all keeping within the traditional X's paradigm (ie a mechanical control for a pretty large number of controls), but there are other worthy paradigms as well in terms of ergonomics (basing them on custom modes for example, which necessitates soft buttons instead of hardware-based controls) that could have been explored.

And then we come to the software, which is still riddle with small ergonomical / user interface faults, (despite clear advancements). Example : it's still too slow to switch between custom modes, although that could be improved with a firmware update.

At least they changed the location of the AF mode button, but you quickly see the limits of this software-based approach when you realise the Q button isn't very quickly accessible and should have been placed elsewhere.

The lens would have benefited from a redesign aimed at introducing an inner focusing system, to improve focusing speed even further, although from my own experience the X100's lens isn't as slow to focus as the first three primes for the X system.

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