Does The XZ 10 have A New Never Before Seen Sensor Or Is It A Sensor That Has Been Seen

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Re: Greatly Improved IQ ?????? XZ 10 Sensor Score?

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Not known yet. Hopefully the same 1/2.3" sensor as the Canon SX50 (Dxomark 47) the XZ-10 might be a pretty terrific little performer.

It will also depend on the lens. Probably the smaller sensor size allows a better optimised lens compared to 1/1.7", but at a lower price level and with bigger zoom range it remains to be seen how this lens compares to the one on XZ-2.

The SX50 seems to do very well with its relatively small sensor, but I think that is partly because it does not need to compromise on size/weight.

The S90 introduced a truly pocketable camera had IQ that was good enough. Not DSLR level, but good enough for a solid 11x14 in good light, and the image made it to ISO1600 before falling apart. With the f2 lens at wide angle it was a compelling package. The S iterations did not change the game; video got better, but not still picture IQ.

The RX100 finally advanced the ball with a better sensor that compensates for the slow lens at tele. Now the best 1/2.3" sensors are as good as the 1/1.7" in the Canon S series, and Olympus is trying another path as you suggest, using a smaller sensor to allow a faster lens but still a true pocketable.

The RX100 is a tough act to beat, but if the XZ-10 is less expensive it could be a fully competitive alternative.

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