Why no focal reducers for 1.6 crop DSLRs?

Started Jan 6, 2005 | Discussions thread
hedwards Regular Member • Posts: 268
Re: Why no focal reducers for 1.6 crop DSLRs?

I'm not really sure why this thread needed to be necroed.

But, anyways, no, it's not possible to reduce the focal length. The focal length of the lens is the focal length of the lens and ultimately these lenses were designed to be whatever length they are and if you go wider, then you run into issues like seeing the lens in it's own shot. You can length the focal length without concern for that because the angle of view narrows.

The only way to return the crop factor to 1x would be to use a larger sensor that permits the full AOV to be used.

This is one reason why I think someday in the distant future we'll be able to substitute sensors the way that we substitute lenses, but that day is a long ways away, if it ever happens.

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