surprising lack of interest in G5 review

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Re: G5 is just a Repackage G3 without sensor improvements

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Exactly. I'm not interested in a 2 yrs old Repackage camera at a higher price without sensor improvements.

The lack of excitement for G5 MIRROR the lackluster debut for Panasonic GF5

  • GF5 is just a repackeage GF3 with rubber grip
  • G5 is also a repackage G3 with a rubber grip

I havt yet to find any worthy upgrade in G5 over G3 to justify the expense. Making it worst is that G5 is 240% more expensive than an older G3 @B&H Video:

  • $598 Panasonic G5 Body
  • $249 Panasonic G3 Body

Without sensor improvements, G5 is vulnerable to the heavily discounted G3.

You do realize that the G5 and the G3 do not use the same sensor?

The G5 sensor is more sophisticated in that it has the A/D converters on the chip vs later in the processing circuit. It has lower noise at low ISOs, and, with the current JPG engine, better overall color rendition than the G3.

yes, but it is still overshadowed by the new Sony sensor offered in the Olympus cameras.

In addition, the handling and the button access is better on the G5 than the G3....and it has a better LCD.

well that is jst repackaging. I updated my G3 to an E-M5, but won't have felt the need to go from the G3 to the G5, even if the new Olympus weren't yet issued.

007 Peter is right about that and the lack of buzz on the forum just reflects that fact.

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I guess you haven't tried the camera or read the review on IR, but it's all about lack of 'buzz'.

The G5 is said to have the same sensor as the GH2, a two years old camera. There has been extensive testing of the E-M5 performance compared to the GH2, so that I feel enough informed about the G5. Look at DXO compared scores for instance.

Apart of that, yes, I have read the IR review, but concluded that they were a little too partial in their evaluation of the G5 against the E-M5. I own/have owned enough MFT cameras already (E-P1, G1, G3, E-P3 and E-M5, all acquired in that order). So no, I don't feel the need to add a G5 to that collection.

By the way : did you ever own an E-M5 or an E-Pl5 yourself, so that you can speak of them and compare them to the E-M5 ?

Each to his own, but the OMD feels like a little brick in comparison to the OMD. But don't forget the all important buzz, which I guess it must have that overcomes it's shortcomings.!

Not sure what you mean here ? Which is the brick ? And is that positive or negative in your view ? The G5 is 396 gr. aka 400gr. versus 425gr. for the E-M5; I see no real difference there.

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