Please talk me out of a 31 mm ltd... or?

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Re: Please talk me out of a 31 mm ltd... or?

Englund wrote:

OK, I have the DA21, the DA 40 , an F 50/1.7 and my dad has the FA 43.

BUT...I lust for the FA31. I have a work trip to the US planned later this year (i.e. 60 % of the price at home, this is usually the way I can afford lenses...) and I feel like given the opportunity I almost cannot afford not to buy it, if that makes sense...

I know I would love it, I love my other lenses.. I usually only bring one lens and force myself to do the most of it. I have a few zooms (Sig 17-70, very good actually, DA 55-300, F 70-210, DA 18-55II) but it is always for convenience reasons I bring them.

So... I know it is only up to me... but does anyone have a similar set up? Would it be morally justified or would e.g. the DA 40 just be jealous? *Sigh*.

I usually don't spoil myself (too many kids for that..) but from time to time...well.

I should probalbly just go for it. Regret is normally reserved for things you didn't do, right?


I found myself in the same situaiton.  I found a FA77 used at B&H iin September.  Used it for shots of the Fall colors.  The images were superb with excellent color redention.  I ended up with the DA35, DA X 40mm (from the K-01), DA21 and DA15 along with the D FA 100mm macro and a SMC-A 50mm f1 but I still wanted the FA31.  All of my primes with the exception of the D FA100mm macro have been purchased used.  I looked for several months on eBay but the prices were more than new at B&H.  Then, right after the 1st of the year I located a used one at Adorama.  Listed in "like new" condition and it is.  Not much cheaper than buying new but any money saved is a plus in my book.

Love the FA31 and it balances perfectly on my K-5.  My most used prime is the DA21 and that is on my K-01.  For now I have pretty much exhausted my photographic budget for 2013.  Next in line may be the DA55 but with the issues I have read about I will go for a new version so I have the warranty.

I would recommend the FA31.  You will not regret it.

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