size of JPG after processing

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Re: size of JPG after processing

baneling wrote:

isn't the jpg that comes out of the camera just a compressed version of the raw file? i was thinking that if I process the raw file and save it as a 7mb file, it has less compression (ie: closer to the raw file quality) than the 5mb jpg that came out of the camera. that's not right?

Maybe I misunderstood the question.

The RAW file contains the maximum information. But the conversion to a viewable image may process the data slightly differently to the way the camera does it, for example demosaicing may be different.  Then there are all the other settings, including, but not limited to sharpening. So the resulting image may contain more detail and be of higher quality than the out of camera JPEG. One more factor, is how much JPEG compression is applied, when the newly-created image is saved.

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