Nikon (and Canon) they're on to you

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Re: Nikon (and Canon) they're on to you

Klindar wrote:

Hi ChrisMT,

Salaries for the same type of work are significantly lower here. I have lived and worked in the US and am also familiar with wages my relatives there receive. Not sure what the official differential is but would estimate about 30% in favor of US. We pay significantly higher taxes. When I travel in the US I am always struck by how much better people with my qualifications and experience seem to live. Everything is less expensive. Even gasoline runs about 30% less, which hurts, because a lot of it is probably made from our oil :~

We have publicly (taxpayer) funded health care which soaks up a lot of tax dollars. I know from personal experience again there is better health care in the US but you have to pay out of pocket or have insurance. There are pluses and minuses associated with both systems. The government and many economists say the Canadian system of health care makes it less costly to run a business because employers are not stuck with providing coverage for employees but - higher taxes again.

High prices in Canada stem from many reasons, I suspect.

(1) Most companies regard us a "secondary market" - primary markets being US, Britain, Europe and parts of Asia. With a small population our purchases don't mean much so I suspect companies just pile on the prices to see what they can get when we grow desperate (that's a bit cynical on my part).

(2) Because of climate it really does cost more to do business here but not 30% to 300% more!

(3) We are a meek people. Americans will bargain for a better price or shop around. We tend to put up with what is offered. After awhile businesses realize they can get away with more so they do. This is a cultural factor. My dickering and bargaining are unusual and I have, in fact, been severely criticized for this by some friends. They say the lower prices I pay end up costing *them* more and that I am cheating the sellers (imagine! as if anyone is being forced).

(4) US businesses are more competitive and will try to hang onto a customer. In Canada there has been a long history of government subsidizing poorly performing industries with marketing boards, tariffs and outright subsidies. A lot of that's changing but the culture of "you don't have to compete" takes a long time to change. It is improving, however.

Just my opinions. Maybe there is a perfectly valid reason for so many of our outrageous prices but so far have not found one.

Best wishes,


With regard to the high prices for product and fuel the Same thing applies to here in MEXICO. Even for products made in MX but not so much. I dont understand. Mexicans are big on buying stuff. i know many people who way back when there was no violence on the borders and fuel was cheaper would drive 750 miles every year to go shopping. as a matter fact i think the largest shopping mall in the USA is close to the border. You would think the MX gove would want to encourage consumption so as to collect taxes.

i am at a loss but its a fact.


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