surprising lack of interest in G5 review

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Re: surprising lack of interest in G5 review..also anyone here have this camera. i am contimplaing i

Hi All, coming from olympus 4/3 : 520 1st, E1, e330 and a pany G1 in between i am due for a newer sensor. The olympus sensor is tempting but it seems the g5 is pretty close and i would like an evf w/o paying top dollar for an omd

things that i like about g5

1) silent shutter (anyone use this?)

2) touchscreen focus while using evf (anyone use this?)

3) better video than olympus from what i hear.

4) already own bunch of batteries from g1, not sure if they will work though...

well, time will tell. getting tax refund back soon and it seems new cameras from oly and panny coming soon. Also just bought an Lx7 but that was stolen in mexico !

PS, great pic of bird!!!

thanks for listening--
-Brad from Kansas City

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