Upgrading to K-5II - Worth it?

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Re: Does your K-7 limit you?

Gerry Winterbourne wrote:

jackie semple wrote:

Worthwhile to step up from K-7 to the K-5II?

My K-7 was - still is - a very capable camera. However, I found a few situations where either (a) the output was poor or (b) I knew it wasn't even woth bothering. On a rough count through a few months's files category (a) was about 4-5% and I'd guess category (b) was about the same.

So a K-5 would, at best, extend my range by under 10% of the shots I was taking. But the crucial thing was that those extra shots were things I wanted. So for me the step was worthwhile and I took it. Hence my question: are you limited by what you can do with your K-7?

Generally speaking, I can't see any practical difference between K-7 and K-5 for shots within the K-7's range. Sometimes carry both to reduce lens changes: when I do I use the K-5 for the lens that I expect to catch higher-contrast subjects, usually WA.

As it turns out, the K-5 gives me better results in high-contrast light than the K-7, so I've actually benefitted on more than 10% of shots. But I see that as a bonus: I still think the key question is whether you feel limited. If you do, go for the upgrade because the K-5 family won't disappoint you for IQ and the K-5II doesn't suffer the odd AF glitch of the original K-5.

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Again Gerry seems to be my clone

Having done the K7 - K5 leap, the thing which I notice the difference on is high ISO: I continue to be shocked what it is capable of - I posted a 6400 underwater shot recently. There are shots I wouldn't have tried with 7 where the 5 turns in a good result. There have been a handful ( <<1%)  where the greater DR of the 5 has been a help.

I can't comment on the AF because I don't have the II only the original K5 and never did a side by side comparison with the 7 anyway.

My reason for updating was as much as anything to get a fresh warranty, and I got a good trade-in deal on the K7 (the K10D -- K7 step was a lot more expensive than the K7--K5 step)

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