Upgrading to K-5II - Worth it?

Started Feb 7, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Upgrading to K-5II - Worth it?

Thanks everyone. I am likely to go with the K-5II. Happy with K-7. I do think there is value in upgrading cameras in the digital era - my K-7 will be 4 years old in July and I am not selling it, at least not yet.

Influenced in my selection by the -

  • desire to improve my photo capability, 
  • familiar feeling of Pentax, 
  • Pentax ergonomics
  • lens legacy
  • K-5's good track record
  • focusing ability of the K-5II in low light
  • budget constraints.

I am nevertheless interested in FF digital SLRs, in particular the Nikon D600 that I consider affordable but I am parking that for now.

I do not consider that buying the K-5II would be a forever decision.  Photographic hardware is disposable. Longer term my view will depend on what meets my requirements. That may well be APS-C sensor cameras.  Presently I do not have a need to produce prints beyond 20 x 16" and I suspect that even with cropping this new K-5 sensor might do the trick for some time.

Cheers and thanks again for your help, something that you can rely on from fellow Pentaxians.

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