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KM Legacy wrote:

Results look somewhat disappointing, but there are no comparable tests (i.e. same lab, sensor, etc.) for alternatives, such as legacy lenses. I've tried several legacy SLR FF 24mm lenses, and all had the same problem as this Sigma: decent central sharpness and significant falloff at the edges.

I have the same problem with my NEX7 and Sigma 19, decent center but poor edge, I think that's more of a NEX7 sensor problem than the lens problem, the NEX7 is just not very "wide angle friendly", I have also tried mounting some known good WA SLR lenses such as my Samyang14, TSE 17, Zeiss 21 Distagon..... on it and experienced the similar issue. However, I totally agree with the review, it's still way better than the Sony E 16mm, but then that's not a fair comparison as one only goes to 19 and one goes to 16mm. Despite all that it still a very good value lens consider the price.

Really? I briefly tried a Samyang 14 on my NEX-7 and the results were pretty much the same sharpness-wise as samples I've seen on other APS-C cameras. And the Zeiss surprises me too, as not only is it a legendary lens, but it's an SLR lens as well and shouldn't really pose a problem. Unless you're talking about the M version? I wonder if the 24 megapixels have as much to do with this particular issue as the lack of microlenses...

I did try an OM 24/2.8 on my NEX-7 for a while and found border performance to be pretty dismal...but I mounted it on a Canon 5D2 and got identical results. Awful field curvature on that lens, or at least my copy.

No, I was actually talking about the ZE version of the Zeiss 21. I did try the ZM and the Voigtlander 15 on my NEX and the result was HORRIBLE. may be like what you said it has more to do with this particular 24MP sensor without microlenses, of course I am just being picky, it's all relative, the super wide SLR lenses already work day and night better than the ZM/leica super wide on NEX 7 already, I am just too spoiled by the D800E & 1DS3 type of quality so I am still a little disappoint with how the same set of lens perform on my NEX7.

I found for anything above 24mm, even the super cheap old SLR lenses works great on NEX7, such as this, from a old Nikon AI 50 F1.8 lens, you can find it cost to nothing these day and I think it still works OK with the NEX7

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