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Re: Meikon or NB - Anyone actually used one?

As far as the information I gathered about Meikon housings goes, they seem to be very likely at the level of the Olympus/Canon/Sony/etc. "original" housings.

I have one from Olympus for more than 8 years and it endured over hundred dives (one to 52m) and who-knows-how-many hours of snorkeling, kayaking and beach fun.
It is still fully operational, I have used it last October on my dive trip to Red Sea.
I have never changed the o-ring although the specs say it should be changed every two years. It still looks fine, no cracks.
I do take care for my equipment a lot, though.
If Meikon is anywhere close to that, it will be well worth the money.

Now, I do know that aluminum housings are of higher quality concerning endurance but they do pay out only if you go below 40m and dive a lot.

I dive for almost 20 years now and have seen a lot of people dragging a lot of expensive equipment with them only to produce average results. I am not saying that I am doing anything better but I am doing it for a lot less money.

That said, if had enough money and 700 bucks more would not make a difference, I would go for aluminum housing. But would not drag a heap of expensive gizmos with me - I'm there for diving.

P.S. The single review of a Meikon housing I was able to find is for the Canon S100:

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